Phoenix Rising Through Rhythms
Festival of Anthroposophy 2018


The annual Festivals of Anthroposophy are an initiative of the Council of the Anthroposophical Society in India. Every year the members of the Council cooperate with a new team of local organisers in a different city in India.

At present we have as Council members: Aban Bana, Angelika Mandaiker, Francis Aradhya,  Nirmala Diaz, Seshadri Desikan ,Swapna Narendra, Sundeep Kamath and Wahida Shaikh.

This year 2018 the Festival will happen in Bangalore.

The organising team in Bangalore warmly welcomes you to attend the sixth annual Festival of Anthroposophy. For the second time the Festival will be held in Bangalore.The first time in 2014 it was hosted by “Friends of Camphill India”.

This time the “Bangalore Steiner School” will be our host.

Phoenix Rising through Rhythms

In Greek mythology a phoenix is a long lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.Associated with the Sun,a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

Living and working , inspired by Anthroposophy , we foremost get to  know the great importance of Rhythm.

Rhythms are everywhere…constituting the pulse of life….Rhythms of day and night, sleeping and waking, the 7 days of the week, the 12 months of the year, the pulse of moving water, the pulse in our blood, expansion and contraction  ,  listening and speaking in a conversation, musical rhythms,

the 7 lifeprocesses , the flowing sap in a plant…etc etc…

This coming Festival we like to explore through lectures and artistic activities the bridge between the macro cosmic and microcosmic rhythms to optimise and vitalise our human existence…In other words, to let the Phoenix rise within us…


The Bangalore Steiner School. The beautiful campus is to be found off the Kanakapura road south of Bangalore. The entire event will take place there.

Address: Somanahalli – Nettigere, Karnataka 560082

Registration and Fees :

The Festival is for adults only.  (Eighteen years and above.) We have a capacity to receive 300 participants.

Your registration will be complete after filling the application form, to be found on this website, and paying the fees of Rs 3000. We will confirm the completion of registration.

The Fees of Rs 3000 include everything. Festival attendance, accommodation, coffee ,tea ,snacks and food.


We would like to invite all participants to use the accommodation facilities organised by the Festival organising team.Even the people from Bangalore are encouraged to do the same. To avoid many stressing hours on our charming yet overfull Bangalore roads…and to increase the possibility to get the most out of your Festival participation.

We have finalised three accommodation facilities.

1. The Campus of the Bangalore Steiner School. Mainly the organisers will stay here. Mostly in tents. If any participant would like to join with a tent do mention this on your application form.

2. The campus of “Friends of Camphill India”. It takes 30 minutes by car.  It is a beautiful countryside trip through the north side of the Bannerghatta National Park..

3. Elim resort , which is about 10 minutes walk /one minute drive away from the Festival venue.

The Festival Organising team will assign the accommodation to the participants. The best accommodation will go to the people who apply early.

The Food :

All the food provided during the Festival will be Organic and Bio-Dynamic Food!  Prepared by dedicated cooks who are experienced to cook with organic ingredients.

At several places in and around Bangalore, organic and bio-dynamic vegetables are being grown specially for the Festival. Even on the campus of the Bangalore Steiner School the teachers ,the children and several people from the organising team are involved doing this.

The Cultural Programme:

The theme for the Cultural Evening :  Dancing Nataraj

All life is movement and all movement is life…The Cosmic Dance is our creative interplay with God…..   from the first thunder of the drum in Siva’s right hand, announcing the Beginning, to the final all consuming flames in His left hand, pronouncing the End , which but heralds a new Beginning….

The Speakers:

Rachel Pomeroy:  Rachel Pomeroy travelled throughout India with Peter Proctor since 1997.  In New Zealand, Rachel is a regular teacher of biodynamics, astronomy and plant growth studies. She makes and uses all the biodynamic preparations and keeps a good home garden.  Rachel found that learning traditional star mythologies in New Zealand and India brought to life many of the qualities, movements and rhythms she observed in the sky.  How to notice seasonal changes in the sky, movements of sun, moon and planets, observed from outside our own house, and how this brings joy and vitality into our own activities in gardening, festivals, birthdays, nature observation and the regular rhythms of our day, this is what Rachel likes to share with others.

Dilnawaz Bana:  Dilnawaz Bana is the first Eurythmist and Curative Eurythmist in India.She, along with her sister Aban,is a dedicated teacher of Eurythmy, Waldorf Education, and Anthroposophy.She has worked for many years as a Curative eurythmist in the Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim in Switzerland. In India she has introduced Eurythmy to schools, teachers and doctors. She is on the teaching faculty of the International Post Graduate Medical Training Programme, annually conducted in various places in India from the year 2004.Also ,she and her sister Aban organize annually a Waldorf teacher training in Khandala.

Art activitiesWe will have a broad variety of art/craft/work activities happening on Saturday and Sunday during  one and a half hour on each day..

BD Compost making

The Rhythms in the Kindergarten

Entering and Exiting Life

Healing Stories (Storytelling)

Astronomy:  Planetary Rhythms




Rhythms in Recycling

Music: Percussion

Painting : sleeping and waking



Rhythmical Speech exercises


Rhythmic Movement Exercises


The Seven Year’s cycles in the Human Biography

Rhythms in the annual Festivals

The Living realm of Expansion and Contraction ,Pulsating Rhythms

Your preparation:

Get ready for this Festival as if you go to a special weekend retreat….

Leave your electronical gadgets at home…

The campus will be a mobile free zone.

Prepare an item for the Cultural Evening in relationship to the chosen theme. Do inform/coordinate with Francis Aradhya

Bring along:    Your own  plate, cup , spoon and water bottle.

Mosquito repellent

A torch



A sweater for the evenings and early mornings.

Optional : A yoga mat to be used in the outdoor relaxing area.

And it can be used for the Star Gazing Sessions

Stalls at the venue:

Participants are invited to put up stalls. Either to present their workplace or to sell items which are in the interest of our Festival participants (eg organic products or craft items or organic ,bio-dynamic seeds/compost etc etc)

What you receive from us:

You will receive a confirmation of your application and payment.

For groups (ten people  and above) we can organise transport from the city to the venue. Please contact Loknath Koneru :

At the time of registration you will receive a programme, a booklet with the Festival poster as the front cover and a campus map.

There will be a first aid team on campus.

Contact persons:

General enquiries: Mrs Ursula Chowdhury


Accomodation and transport: Loknath Koneru 

Campus coordinator: Ian Castelino

Food:  Sangita Kamath

Art activities: Latha Madhu

Stalls :  Sundeep Kamath

Cultural programme : Francis Aradhya

First Aid Team: Wahida Shaikh

Last date for registrations 28th Oct 2018