The Anthroposophical Society in India was started on 21st October, 2011. The founding of the Society has been preceded by many years of striving in the various fields of Anthroposophy such asWaldorf Education, Bio Dynamic Farming, Curative Education, Anthroposophical Medicine and Eurythmy. People involved in the various streams of Anthroposophy have come together with people committed to Anthroposophy. Seven initiatives have come together to found the Society and carry the consciousness for the future of Anthroposophy in India.

The forming of the Anthroposophial Society in India differs significantly from other Anthroposophical Societies. In India several initiatives have worked devotedly with Anthroposophy and have committed themselves to work with the practical hands- on impulse of Rudolf Steiner.

This practical approach to serve and sensitively fulfil the needs that exists in the Community is what makes the work of Anthroposophy so special. This has led to a new state of awareness and questioning among the many people who have been touched by this Anthroposophic work that has spread all over India, over the years. The deep interests in Steiner’s insights and writing have inspired several groups to work and come together to discover a new humaneness.

Anthroposophy – the knowledge of the Human Being touches and transforms every aspect of human life with Courage, Wisdom and the Warmth of Heart that is so much needed when we meet each other as Human Beings and try to know ourselves as truly human.

The task of Anthroposophy in India is very new and exciting, it will serve to understand and transform the ancient wisdom that exists to a new living Spirituality that can enrich our life.

The Anthroposophical Society in India is a part the General Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanumin Dornach Switzerland.

The Anthroposophical Society is to be… “an Association of people whose will it is to nurture the life of the soul, both in the individual and in human society, on the basis of a true knowledge of the Spiritual world.” The Society is public, without political agenda or religious affiliation. Its activity is seen today in independent national societies and initiatives throughout the world, with members from all cultures and continents.

The aim of the Society, the School of Spiritual Science and the Goetheanum is to make a spiritually based contribution to the life of humanity in the world of today and tomorrow.

“The Anthroposophical Society is… an entirely public society. Without regard to ethnic or national origin, social standing, religion, scientific or artistic conviction, any person can become a member who sees as justified the existence of an institution such as the Goetheanum in Dornach in its capacity as a School of Spiritual Science.”


The Festival of Michaelmas or St Michaels Festival is celebrated each year on the 29th of September. This Festival is celebrated throughout the world, especially in Anthroposophical circles, as it has a universal message, which has to do with attributes like courage, truthfulness, justice and comradeship. These are represented by St Michael, considered to be the Archangel of our present times.

In ancient India, people recognised the twelve aspects of the Sun, one of them being Mithra, or Universal Friendship. The same was in ancient Persia, where Mithras or Mihir was experienced as the radiant light of the Sun. Today these same timeless deities are represented by St Michael, and venerated all over the world under different names.

This year we would like to have a celebration of the Michaelmas Festival on Saturday, 29th September 2018 at Inodai Waldorf School. Here we would like to welcome all the Mumbai and Pune Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf kindergarten and school teachers, as well as members of the Anthroposophical Society in India and all those working within the Anthroposophical movement.

The Michaelmas Festival will begin at 9.30 am and end at 5.30 pm with a lunch break and two tea breaks in between. Entrance fee will be Rs. 501 including lunch and tea. We would like the teachers of each Waldorf/Steiner school and kindergarten in Mumbai and Pune to make a short presentation of their work, as this will enable us to get to know one another. Please let us know soon, if you would be attending the festival and making a presentation.