Dr. Rudolf Steiner laid the foundation stone of the General Anthroposophical Society on December 25, 1923 in Dornach, Switzerland. This Society is a forum for meetings and exchange of views and ideas for those people whose common interest is Anthroposophy. It is a free Society and open for membership to all people, regardless of their nationality, religion, race, caste, creed or ideological conviction. It does not impose any duties on its members other than those voluntarily assumed.

The world centre of the General Anthroposophical Society is the GOETHEANUM in Dornach, Switzerland. The only condition for membership in this Society is that one sees the Goetheanum as being justified. Most countries of the world have their own national Anthroposophical society. The leaders and representatives meet once a year at the Annual General Meeting at the Goetheanum in Dornach. There is a newsletter “Anthroposophy Worldwide”, published from Dornach, which connects the international Anthroposophical community and keeps them informed about all that takes place in the Anthroposophical world. It also reports on world events from an Anthroposophical viewpoint.

For more information please visit www.goetheanum.org