Anthroposophical Medicine – The lecture cycle “Occult Physiology” held in 1911


The lecture cycle “Occult Physiology” held in 1911, Rudolf Steiner had shown how spiritual science could give a new insight into the inner human organism. Then at Easter 1920, Steiner gave the first medical lecture course for doctors, pharmacists and medical students at the Goetheanum in Dornach. This was the foundation of a medical science based on Anthroposophy. Steiner developed a number of new remedies, for example the Iscador therapy for cancer, using the mistletoe plant as the basic substance. In 1921 the Clinical-Therapeutical Institute was founded in Arlesheim, near Dornach, Switzerland. This hospital is also known as Ita-Wegman Clinic, in remembrance of the Dutch lady-doctor Ita Wegman, who worked with Rudolf Steiner in this field. Together they wrote the book, “Fundamentals of Therapy” which contains a comprehensive summary of this medical knowledge. Gradually laboratories were founded to supply medicines, the most well known being Weleda, also in Arlesheim. There is now the Lukas Clinic, in for Cancer Research nearby, and the adjoining laboratory Hiscia for Iscador preparations.
Anthroposophical Medicine also gave rise to new forms of healing, the most important being Curative Eurythmy, the therapeutical use of movements based on the elements of speech, vowels and consonants. The curative eurythmist has to undergo a specialised training and works together with the doctor. Other therapies used within Anthroposophical medicine are painting, sculpture, music, speech formation.

In India there are a few doctors who are working with Anthroposophical medicine.

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