Chennai in Tamil Nadu, South India, now has a new impulse in the form of the first Anthroposophical Clinic in India. The personality who is behind this enterprise is Dr Veera Panch. Her devotion and meticulous work in the direction of Anthroposophical medicine has activated her to co-organise seminars and conferences, together with her colleagues, including the IPMT under the guidance of Dr Michaela Gloeckler.

The inauguration of Malli Mandala (pure comprehension) Anthroposophical Clinic for health and well-being was on the 12th of June 2013. In the presence of Indian Anthroposophists and well-wishers, the function began with an invocation to the Divine Beings, who were very much part of this initiative.

This clinic holds a very special place also in the social life of the people of Chennai. Dr Veera offers an open house, where anyone can have an entry to the clinic. Anyone tired from the scorching heat of south India can simply walk into the clinic, drink water, make some tea, read from the small collection of Anthroposophical literature, play on the musical instruments laid out like lyre, xylophone, flutes, etc. or just rest in the coolness of the rooms, beautifully adorned with flowers and wall-paintings.

As for the patients, apart from medical treatment they are offered therapies like music, painting and basic exercises in hygienic Eurythmy which Dr Veera and her team have been practicing for many years with the Indian Eurythmy therapist Dilnawaz Bana.

Dr Veera’s hospitality extends also to our friends abroad. As the Indian saying goes: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the whole world is but one family). So welcome one and all who are visiting India to Malli Mandala in Chennai!

~ Dilnawaz Bana

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